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Visit my other blog for more Videos
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Monday, May 12, 2008

editing tips...

Guys here are my tips for a wonderful picture...

Of course you have to get your program (i dont promote piracy but its the easiest way to have one c; ). Corel or Adobe is a must!

It doesn't take much to have the most eye-catching edited pics. All it takes is a bit of perseverance and creativity. No mortal is knowledgeable of this art from birth. We all have to start with scratches. I also started from basic and its all worthy! It's not difficult! I tell you because there are instructions at hand while using the program. Well I will not detail everything in this blog when it comes to how to use such programs. You can have it in the HELP menu. All I'll give are some tips that me myself have tried. This art will surely enhance your creativity. Actually this has been my hobby for the past year and
i have PHOTOGRAPHY in the back of my mind for a next course!
Hope you'll support this blog and may my tips help you... ;)

The three pictures above are the raw photos i've used to create something that's not ordinary.. curious? Well I used Corel with this. Actually the skill I've used are basics and I'm sure you too can make it... o
r even better..;)
See the result and its up to you to criticize!

** tip: Try not to concentrate with the normal way of taking pictures. Try something different and I bet, you'll surely love it. Try not to focus on faces (like this, i took a picture of my back). Another, combine pictures! This is really the trick in photo-editing. Try some!

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